Self Guided Street Art Tour: Sydney Road

Street art – We love it here in Melbourne and Brunswick is one of those lucky suburbs where it is flowing with abundance.

I have scouted out some of the best works of art in Bruny and by chance a lot of them are in car parks. Take a self guided tour down Sydney Road to check them out.

This giddy wall is located on Sydney road and is a vast celebration of stick figures by artist Tom Civil (instagram @thomascivilian). Well worth the walk, it is located opposite Williams Street on Sydney Road.

Just down the road a little bit further you will find another great car park bursting with colour. This space has been taken over by Lushsux (instagram @lushsux) and depicts a range of familiar faces and characters. Directly opposite, there is a tram mural celebrating tram life and perhaps an ode to the tram depot next door, located at 799 Sydney Road.

If you keep meandering down Sydney Road you will come across a host of side streets with more hidden treasures. From the banana peel that appears all over the place to a clash of old and new, including an amazing work by Pachi.

If you keep going down to Victoria street you will find some more gems, but I’ll save that for Self Guided Street Art Tour: Sydney Road Part 2.

To check these places out start at:

  1. The car park opposite Williams Street on Sydney Road
  2. Then walk down to the tram depot and car park at 799 Sydney Road
  3. Continue down to Albion Street, turn right and head towards the train station to check out Pachi’s work.
  4. Then jump back on to Sydney road and head towards Hope Street where you will come across the Greek pharmacy.

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