Sustainably, Street Art and Architecture: Florence Street, Brunswick

Feel like exploring a space that is full of sustainable ideas, ethical cafes and amazing art? We have you covered, Florence Street in Brunswick has it all. Jump off the train at Anstey station and see for yourself.

Brunswick is full of startling, beautiful and unexpected art. As soon as you get off the train at Anstey you will notice a massive mural depicting the mesmerising ‘Selene’ by artist Loretta Lizzio and well known silo artist Cam Scale. This gorgeous scene of a woman surrounded by flowers is a humbling sight.

The building it calls home is actually the first ever Nightingale project, which aims to make liveable spaces that foster financial, social and environmental sustainability. Directly across from that is another a building that also incorporates the Nightingale values called The Commons. This building is a beautiful sight and is shrouded in vertical greens. It was actually the foundation for the Nightingale projects and has won a host of awards. In between these two progressive buildings is an open space where you can hang out, admire the architecture or just have a break and indulge in a coffee or a wine.

Keeping with the social and environmentally friendly theme, Home One is a cute little cafe nestled in the Nightingale apartment block. It is not just a cafe, but also a social project which is run by volunteers. Serving up coffee and bagels, a stunning 100% of the profits go towards helping young people to escape from homelessness. So if you are after a quick conscious coffee before heading to the station this is the place for you.

If you are more in the mood to people watch and have some brunch, then Steam Junkies is the place to go. This cafe is on the Upfield bike path, so you can chill out and watch the world go by whilst enjoying a Chinese inspired brunch menu. If it’s time for a wine there is also the Cult of the Vine wine bar for a glass or two.

Wondering around you will also notice that Lush sux has left his notable mark here. Walk around the alley ways and you will find some unique pieces of his work, which are as controversial and thought engaging as ever.

Once you have spotted these gems, head back to the Upfield Bike Path and look down. Each line on the path has been turned into a verse of poetry. This 10km poem stretches all the up the Upfield Bike Path until it reaches Fawkner Cemetery. Crafted by dynamic performance artists Majella Thomas and Malcolm Angelucci, the poem captures the transient essence of the bike path and pays homage to Brunswick locals.

All of this is located within a pretty small radius on Florence Street. The end of the road is reserved for bikes and cafe seating so it makes a great space to hang out, enjoy some socially conscious coffee and admire some innovative, eco-friendly architecture.

Where: Florence Street, Brunswick

When: anytime!

How much: free!

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