Self Guided Street Art Tour: Upfield Line

Used by commuters and artists alike, the Upfield Bike Path is a hub for locals and is definitely worth getting off the train for. Jump off the train at Brunswick Station and heading down the path towards the city for a quick and cheap self guided tour. You will be able to spot a host of street art, graffiti and posters. Just keep your eyes peeled.

Opposite Brunswick Station on Victoria Street, you will find some quality art at Northside Boulders, a laid back bouldering gym with great vibes. Stop off here for a climb or to simply check out the large scale poster art and mural.

Jump back on the bike path and head up towards the city and you will find the symbolic ‘now gentrified’ building tucked behind live music venue Howler.

Keep walking up the path until you reach Dawson street and take a small detour down Saxon street to SiteWorks. You will find a mural of an indigenous child, created by Blakdot Gallery, a contemporary indigenous run art gallery and performance space.

Once you have checked out this space, jump back on the bike path and head up towards Jewel Station. There are a couple of station side cafes here, including garden space Garden Foods which is a urban oasis proving fresh foods and great coffee.

Turn the corner to Wilson Avenue and you will find a great open space at the end of the street to chill out, complete with a free rock climbing wall! Check out the big murals on either side of this space.

Feel free to venture beyond the bike path and down the site streets to find more hidden gems. Maybe stop along Sydney Road for some vintage shopping or a feed – There is always more to explore, like this great work from prominent artists Tom Gerard and international owl wrangler Dscreet. Or the iconic ‘Film is Foto’ shop, which is actually Hillvale, an independent photo lab, tucked away in the backstreets of Brunswick.

Need to know:

When: Day time is best

Where: Start at Brunswick Station and work your way up

How Much: Free!

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