A Feast of the East: Brunswick’s Flavourhood Tour

Brunswick is known for a lot of things. Vintage shopping, hipster hangouts and, of course, an amazing food and drink scene. I was lucky enough to join in one of the amazing Flavourhood tours of Brunswick East to uncover the delicious secrets of our suburb.

Espresso at the Gelobar
Nutella cornetto

Paying homage to Brunswick’s Italian roots, we kicked off the tour with a traditional breakfast at the Gelobar. A Nutella cornetto and espresso was an inspired way to start the day as we learnt about the history of the Italian community in Brunswick.

Halfway through a chicken pie at Sugardough
Delicious pastries

Our next stop had more of a savoury flavour, as we made our way up Lygon street to one of the most loved bakeries in Brunswick, Sugardough. Here we tried a delightful chicken pie and picked up some delicious bread to save for later.

Learning about chocolate the best way at Monsieur Truffe
The beautiful interior of East Elevation

We then carried on to the much loved Monsieur Truffe, a chocolate factory in the heart of the East Elevation cafe. Famous for its red door, we discovered why the chocolate here is so amazingly good. Experimenting with innovative flavours, such as the highly recommend gun and berry, these artisan chocolatiers use organic ingredients and low waste packaging.

The very cosy newcomer Old Palm Liquor
A delicious crispy fried onion flower

We then checked our newcomer Old Palm Liquor, which is a quirky combination of cosy living room and sophisticated wine bar. Pick your mood and indulge yourself in some modern Australian flavours.

Street art at Sunshine Lane

To walk off all of this delicious food we took a slight detour down Sunshine Lane. Featuring both international and domestic artists, Sunshine Lane boasts some amazing street art, graffiti and poster art, minus the hoards of tourists.

The Sunday spread on offer at Mankoushe
Beautiful decor at Mankoushe

For lunch we took a detour to a Lebanese kitchen. Mankoushe is a long standing Brunswick institution which serves up a mean Sunday lunch. Check out the changing menu which serves up fresh traditional foods using Australia’s best ingredients.

Rewinding at Rewine
Rewine ready to go

To wash all that delicious food down we made our way our final destination, the sustainable wine bar, Rewine. Instead of throwing your used wine bottles away, the bar lets you reuse, refill and ReWine them. Focusing on quality local and alternative wines, they offer a range of that will suit every palate and serve it straight from the barrels.

A great way to end the tour

Clinking glasses with our new foodie friends, we thanked our tour guide Raffaela for a delicious and enlightening adventure up Lygon street. We slowly made our way home, filled with delicious food and a new perspective on the Beast (Brunswick East).

What: Flavourhood Tours

When: See website for tour details

Where: Lygon Street, Brunswick East

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