Check Out: Brunswick’s Giant Kookaburra and Massive Murals

From our very own “Big Kookaburra” to retro technicolor shapes and cool vibrant blues, the streets of Brunswick have changed over the last year. Walking down Sydney Road you may have noticed some amazing murals that have popped up, which awe in both size and style.

The brains behind this initiative are the amazing people from Book an Artist, a Melbourne-based start-up and non-for-profit created to help provide jobs for local artists throughout the difficulties of the pandemic.

Book an Artist is an online marketplace where you can find and hire graffiti artists, street artists and illustrators. Their mission is to ‘leave no stone unturned and no blank space unpainted’ and they have certainly spiced up the streets of Brunswick.

Three large scale murals now light up Sydney Road, providing some fun and an instagrammable opportunity on your walk or commute. These murals have become such a massive and loved part of the Brunswick area.

Commissioned by the Sydney Road Association, Baxter painted a huge mural for the corner of Ballarat Street to honour the culture that Sydney Road has to offer. This 30 x 5 meter mural really is astonishing and takes a deeper look at the the unique businesses, people and cultures that make Brunswick the amazing place that we now know. Read more about the creation of the mural here.

Mural by Baxter, corner of Ballarat Street and Sydney Road.

On the corner of Edward Street and Sydney Road, Brunswick, local artist, Damien has painted absolute vibe of a piece. He has been creating street art around Melbourne for over 10 years and has now given us this dimensional beauty.

Mural by Damien, corner of Edward Street and Sydney Road.

Finally, Dimma created a Christmas gift to share with the public on 276 Albert Street, Brunswick. The interactive mural design features Australian flora and fauna, hot air balloons, children playing and butterfly wings. The theme celebrates Melbourne’s hard work and freedoms from lockdown. Read more about this mural here.

Mural by Dimma, 276 Albert Street, Brunswick.

Now that we are in lockdown once again, its more important than ever to support our local artists who create beauty on our streets. Please take the time to appreciate these pieces and help out our community where you can!

For more information check out the artists here:


Instagram handle: @da.imagemaker


Instagram handle: @damiancazalyart


Instagram handle: @baxter_tck

Follow Book an Artist on insta to keep with their work!


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