Brunswick’s Beastly Burgers: The B.EAST

Hungry like the wolf? No problem, The B.EAST, Brunswick East’s burger institution, is here to fill that beastly hunger in all of us. Located deep in the prime patch of upper Lygon Street, The B.EAST has become a home to many burger and music loving fiends.


With several tables outside on Lygon Street, this place is perfect to knock back a cool beverage on those hot summer nights. Inside, the bar is as hip as you would imagine, boasting local brews, craft beers and wines. Not a bad cocktail list if you are so inclined as well. With a stage for live acts, this burger bar celebrates live music and local artists. And yes, they know how to put on a good show.


Lets get to the food – The B.EAST does the simple very well. They offer a range of burgers, from your stock standard beef, ‘Classic’, to the more inspired ‘Clint Breastwood’ southern fried chicken burger and the outrageous ‘Holy Cheezus’ which features a lot of cheese and a cheese croquet. All the burgers can be placed on a gluten free bun, which is a dream.

Maybe you’re hungry like a horse and up for vegan/vego options. The B.EAST has you covered there as well. They have a whooping four burgers to choose from with equally good names, such as ‘Schoomin Catapult’ and the ‘Morrisey’, a southern fried mock chicken burger. The tater tots are amazingly vegan and gluten free and have that same crispy deliciousness that you find only in small town USA.

Head down for their Vegan Soul Food Mondays from 12pm every week for an impressive vegan menu, which offers a range of burgers featuring facon, vegan cheddar, tempeh and vegan steak.


The B.EAST is a vibrant, quirky and fun burger bar. With live bands, burgers galore and quality drinks, there really is something for everyone.

When: Open everyday, 11am until late

Where: 80 Lygon St, Brunswick East, 3057

How: Catch the number 1 or 6 up to Lygon Street, jump off at Weston St and walk down



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